Faster Claims Processing: How VBAdjudicate Enhances Client Relationships for Healthcare Payers

By Matt Salerno, VBA Software Architect


In the fast-paced world of healthcare claims administration, maintaining strong client relationships is paramount for healthcare payers. Customers demand efficiency, accuracy and responsiveness in claims processing and VBAdjudicate, VBA’s revolutionary claims adjudication engine, is here to exceed those expectations. In this article, we will explore how VBAdjudicate enhances client relationships by offering lightning-fast processing speeds and the flexibility to meet the evolving needs of healthcare payers.


VBAdjudicate: The Fastest Claims Adjudication Engine

When it comes to claims adjudication speeds, faster is better and VBAdjudicate sets the gold standard. VBA has leveraged the power of serverless computing through our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a scalable adjudication platform with virtually unlimited processing power.

By leveraging AWS Lambda and serverless technologies, dedicated servers become a thing of the past. VBAdjudicate can handle virtually unlimited claims volumes at top speeds, making it an ideal choice for payers of all sizes.

VBAdjudicate offers:

  • High-Volume Claims Throughput – Process claims at an astonishing speed, handling high volumes effortlessly.
  • Unlimited Parallel Processing Power – Say goodbye to bottlenecks and delays. VBAdjudicate ensures uninterrupted claims processing.
  • No Degradation of System Performance – Maintain performance, even during peak processing times, for a seamless experience.


No More Waiting for Your Claims Files to Process Overnight

VBAdjudicate is a prime example of how upgrading to next-gen technology can truly change the way you do business. With the power of VBAdjudicate, payers don’t need to wait to process their claims files overnight. Run claims files of any size during the business day without slowing down the system for your claims processing staff.

Some of the benefits of VBASoftware and VBAdjudicate include:

  • Expedited loading of incoming EDI claims from providers
  • Faster processing and adjudication speeds for queued claims
  • Improved response time for single on-demand claims processing

Faster and more efficient claims processing means fewer errors and delays, which will help maintain high levels of member and provider satisfaction. It will also help with compliance and meeting clean claims processing requirements.


Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

After successfully upgrading to VBAdjudicate, our clients have only positive things to say:

Michelle Bounce, President of JP Farley, shares her astonishment:

“I was shocked when I saw the processing times for our claims files after we transitioned to VBAdjudicate. Our staff has also noticed the increased speed when they manually process claims in VBASoftware. The response time is beyond our expectations. VBA has created something that is truly unique in the market.”

Stephen Fiorino, Vice President of Operations at Custom Design Benefits, echoes the sentiment:

“In the past, we had to wait to run various claims processes into the evening and overnight. Now we can run all our claims processes simultaneously, and it is completed in no time. We are so impressed by what VBA has developed. It is transforming the way we do business.”



VBAdjudicate offers exceptional processing speeds and scalability that are not only transformative for healthcare payers but also pivotal for fostering and enhancing customer relationships. In a competitive landscape where customers demand efficiency and responsiveness, VBAdjudicate empowers payers to meet and exceed those expectations.

To learn more about how VBAdjudicate can turbocharge your adjudication speeds and boost client satisfaction, contact us today.