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The VBAGateway Agent/Broker experience provides extensive self-service capabilities specifically designed to cater to the needs of this unique role. Brokers gain in-depth insights and analytics across multiple books of business, along with commission payment information, resources, and more in a single, convenient platform. Brokers are able to easily satisfy almost any client request, minimizing the need to contact the administrator directly.

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The Census gives statistical information about the broker's member population. Members can be searched by Group or Division, name, or other demographic information. Member information is easy to find, and includes enrollment history, family information, and claims detail.


The Agent/Broker portal's claims section provides a robust and interactive claims grid allowing for the search of member claims. The VBAGateway interactive grid allows the resulting claims list to be sorted and grouped while still exposing all the necessary information in an easy-to-read format. Expanding a claim allows the provider to view the details of that claim including individual services along with billed, allowed, member responsibility, not covered, and paid amounts. The agent/broker can also bring up the remittance detail behind any claim that has been processed by the administrator.

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This feature displays announcements that have been broadcast by different entities. An announcement can be broadcast from the administrator. The user is given a visual cue, as to the source of the announcement, along with the importance of the announcement. Agent/Brokers can easily view the details of an announcement by simply clicking on that announcement.

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