Employer Portal

The VBAGateway Employer experience gives employers a single comprehensive location for information about their plan population. VBAGateway exposes detailed census and claims statistics that can be spliced and analyzed as the employer deems necessary. Representatives using VBAGateway are given a unique user experience allowing for rapid consumption of relevant data. Representatives can evaluate member engagement with the site as well review member participation within the plan. Member information is desensitized allowing the representative to review claims information in aggregate without the exposure of PHI. The complete experience makes for a truly powerful tool in plan management.

Powerful employee, group, and division management.

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All the options your employers need

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This portion of the Employer Portal details claim statistics for the employer population. This information can be filtered by division and/or Paid Date. Each chart breaks down a specific detail about the selected claims, including: benefit utilization, claim counts by claim type, payment details, and trigger diagnosis.

  • Claim Information: Users can view detailed claims information. Employer representatives can search claims based on a range of paid dates. Claims information includes: paid claims turnaround, claims paid per member, and an interactive grid of desensitized claims information.
  • Printable EOBs: Users can view and print explanation of benefits reports. Gateway comes with its own EOB, or be integrated with 3rd party EOB providers such as Redcard or Web Integration.
  • Claims Insights: Gateway provides comprehensive insights into the aggregated claims of your employer groups and divisions. View charts and graphs related to benefit utilization, member demographics, and paid claims totals.

Easily lookup member information for your groups and divisions, including enrollment history, accumulator details, and family census data. Update member information, and request or print new ID cards directly from the census. Utilize the Employer Portal's reporting capabilities to export census lists or inidividual member reports directly to Microsoft Excel.

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Employer Self-Service

Employer Portal users can easily make a number of self-service requests for their members, including adding new members or coverage, requesting additional ID cards, or updating demographics. Track the status of your self-service requests with the Message Center which shows the current status of all self-service requests.

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Employer Insights

The Employer Portal comes packed with census and claims insights: charts and graphs covering plan, claims, and demographic breakdowns across your business. Maintain an overview of your business utilizing insights such as "Paid Claims Turnaround", "Benefits Average Billed", and "Census by Plan Type."

Powerful Configuration

Configure Gateway your way with easy open enrollment, Member Portal, and plan configuration. No one knows your business like you do, so the Employer experience provides powerful configuration tools to manage your open enrollment, the links and documents your users see in the Member Portal, and how your plans appear throughout VBAGateway.

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