Member Portal

The VBAGateway Member experience is the premier solution for employee self-service. With realtime administrative processing and an intuitive, user-friendly design, we can assure you that your members will stay engaged. The Member Portal provides a number of core functions including Announcements, Requests, Accumulators, and Claims. The combination of features available on VBAGateway allows a member to satisfy almost any administrative need without contacting the administrator directly. The result is a more engaged and informed member.

Provide your employees with a comprehensive member web portal.

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Give your members a modern, feature-rich experience

Member Self-Service

Members can request demographic and coverage updates themselves, with no need to call customer service or HR. Self-service requests are sent in real-time to VBASoftware, allowing the administrator to accept or reject the request. A user can make a number of self-service requests including address changes, enrollment updates, adding family members, or requesting new ID Cards.

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ID Cards & EOBs

Members can view or print temporary ID cards and EOBs directly from the Member Portal, as well as request new ID cards be sent in the mail. Use Gateway's included ID cards or EOBs, or integrate with your own vendor such as RedCard or Web Integration. Your members will never be stuck without their plan information again.

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Members can view accumulator information based on the plans in which the member is enrolled. Accumulator information can be viewed by member, plan, and accumulator period, and includes the in/out of network totals for deductible and out of pocket. Members get in depth accumulator information such as actual amounts used and remaining.

Message Center

Communicate with your members through Gateway's easy-to-use Message Center. Members can send messages directly to their plan administrator using Gateway's messaging - eliminating the need for phone calls to HR or customer service. Members can view their submitted self-service requests, including status and administrator responses, accelerating turnaround.

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This portion of the Member Portal displays the claims that have been received by the member. The claims reside in various states of processing and that information is reported back to the member. The grid allows the member to sort the claim information as well as group claims without the need to re-query the backend information. Expanding a claim allows the member to view the details of that claim including individual services along with billed, allowed, member responsibility, not covered, and paid amounts. The member can also bring up the EOB sent by the administrator for any claim processed through the system.

Member Self-Service Mobile App

With VBAMobile, your members are plugged in to an industry leading Member Self-Service Mobile App. Through VBAMobile your members can perform numerous self-service functions, in real-time, that would normally require management or administrative oversite. Member self-service through the VBAMobile App eliminates cumbersome manual processes, phone calls and paperwork resulting in real, tangible savings by the administrator.

Key Benefits for Members:
  • Download EOBs and Temporary ID Cards
  • Review Claims and get details on what the Member owes
  • Communicate directly with HR or the Administrator
  • Submit address changes, PCP updates and more via real-time submissions
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