Online Enrollment

With VBAGateway, you can easily configure and manage benefits through our comprehensive Online Enrollment portal. Once enrolled, Member and Employer Self-Service portals can be utilized to maintain eligibility without administrator intervention, saving time and money. Our VBAGateway product can sit atop your existing administration platform or implemented in conjunction with our VBASoftware core admin system, the choice is yours!

Streamline the enrollment process for your members.

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Easy-to-use enrollment experience

Simplified for the Member

Simplify the employee experience through a highly configurable online enrollment experience. With VBAGateway, your members can quickly enter their demographic information, select plans, identify other insurance and more through an intuitive wizard. Real-Time submission and notifications streamline the enrollment process and increase accuracy without sacrificing functionality.

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Enrollment Resources

Easily configure your enrollment welcome screen, document downloads, and resource hyperlinks to give your members everything they need for a smooth enrollment process. Provide employee handbooks, company website links, and more directly from the enrollment portal.

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Employer Confirmation Process

VBAGateway provides a seamless integration between Member, HR and Administrator. Online Enrollment submissions are routed to HR for review, allowing last minute corrections prior to execution. HR can then notify the member of any necessary changes or route the completed enrollment to the administrator.

Real-time Eligibility

Real-Time integration from VBAGateway to your core administration system allows for rapid updating of enrollment data. As the administrator. you can review the submitted enrollment and reject that back to HR or confirm it directly into the eligibility system. VBAGateway handles the notification and reporting of all Online Enrollment activity freeing administrator of cumbersome manual processes.

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VBAGateway seamlessly connects your employees, H.R. reps, providers, and administrators with easy to use and modern web portals.

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