Provider Portal

The VBAGateway Provider experience grants unparalleled access to claims and eligibility data through a rich and evolving user-experience that aims to engage providers. Providers utilizing VBAGateway translates directly to administrative savings through reduced written and verbal correspondence. The Provider Portal gives a registered user the ability self-serve, including tasks such as relevant eligibility information and claim status, as well as the ability to submit real-time requests like preauthorizations and claims.

Everything your providers need.

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Eligibility at your provider's fingertips

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Provider Self-Service

Providers can easily perform self-service functions such as authorization entry, claim entry, demographic updates, and changing NPI or Tax ID numbers. Self-service requests are sent real-time to the administrator, saving time-consuming phone calls or emails.

Provider Card
EOB/Remit & Reporting

The Provider experience includes the ability to download EOBs, provider remittance, and provider claim & check reports. Providers can utilize the built-in Microsoft Excel and PDF exports, saving the administrator time and resources.

Eligibility Verification

Allow your Providers to search enrollment details for patients and enrollees that participate in their networks. The provider is given details about eligibiltiy & enrollments, family demographics, other insurance, and PCP details along with a live accumulator snapshot.

Claims Lookup

The Provider Portal includes an interactive grid allowing your providers to search for any claims billed by this provider. The VBAGateway interactive grid allows the resulting claims list to be sorted and grouped while still exposing all the necessary information in an easy-to-read format.

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