IT Services

When it comes to system selection, the purchase of the software is often only half the battle. From integration to long-term maintenance, the VBA team is in your corner.

Partner with VBA for strong IT solutions.



It can be a tricky and delicate task to transition all of your important data from one system to another. Every conversion is unique, even when you are dealing with common data structures and familiar systems. VBA IT Services utilize conversion routines created from nearly two decades of conversion experience. Converting application data is only a small part of the process. VBA IT Services will provide detailed conversion reports and statistics that help client data analysts ensure all information is being correctly converted.

Key Benefits:
  • Data Integration Analysts map all data points
  • Iterative QA process with dedicated data staff
  • Comprehensive conversion scorecard keeps you on track
  • Parallel & UAT gives clients full authority over completeness
Custom Enhancements

Custom Enhancements

VBASoftware and VBAGateway are robust applications with superior functionality, but there is sometimes a need for client customizations to meet specific business requirements. Because we are a software shop, we can also leverage our years of experience and expertise to develop custom applications or solutions when needed. Ultimately, VBA IT Services acts as a capable extension for your business.


One of the most important functions of a Software + Service solution is the ability to move data in and out of the system. VBA IT Services utilizes a combination of Microsoft Business Intelligence and Microsoft BizTalk to handle all inbound and outbound transactions (VBASoftware supports HIPAA 5010 transactions). VBA IT Services will handle all vendor/client and trading partner setup as well as secure storage and transfer of files. All inbound and outbound transactions have specific injection points where customizations can easily be made, creating a highly flexible EDI platform.

EDI Process

Data Services & Reporting

Throughout the course of a software relationship there comes a time when data needs to be analyzed, reported and/or manipulated in order to accomplish a defined requirement. VBA IT Services provides an experienced data team that is not only an expert on VBASoftware data but also an expert on industry data. This combination gives you a powerful tool for meeting client data and reporting demands.

Software Environment and Releases

SCRUM Process

VBA has a highly iterative development process that results in a new release of the software on almost a monthly basis. This development methodology allows us to quickly respond to client and industry demands without waiting months (or even years) to get those updates out to our users. VBA IT Services fully manages all releases and assures all client procedures and data are protected throughout the process. VBA IT Services will also maintain both the client production environment and a fully functioning client test environment that allows the user to confirm new functionality.