Learn How VBA Helps You Administer Medicare Advantage

Easily configure and manage you Medicare Advantage plans to meet complex and detailed requirements laid out by CMS. With CMS looking to relax rules and modify plan requirements, you need a flexible solution that can help you navigate the choppy waters of healthcare.

Utilize flexible, intuitive features to gain a market advantage!

How can VBA help you administer your benefits?

Increase Efficiency by 50% or More

  • Automation and maintenance of all approved correspondence including: Advanced Beneficiary Notices, Integrated Denial Notices and more
  • Integrated tracking for appeals, grievances, detailed reporting and compliance with VBASoftware Grievance Services
  • Dynamic pricing capabilities across the entire Medicare spectrum, including: DRG, Per-Diem, Case Rates, Custom Rates, FFS, Capitation and much more
  • Flexibility for tracking and applying late payment rules, interest and fees depending on user defined rules
  • Robust PCP capabilities including alternate provider tracking, PCP auto-assignment (Medicare approved), auto-adjudication edits and more

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