VBAdjudicate Increases Claims Processing Speeds for Healthcare Payers

GERMANTOWN, WI – October 12, 2023 VBA, a leading technology company for healthcare payers, has developed and implemented a claims adjudication engine that allows healthcare payers to process claims four to six times faster without sacrificing accuracy.

VBAdjudicate, the new adjudication engine for VBASoftware, processes queued claims four times faster than VBA’s previous solution, processing queues with tens of thousands of claims, which used to take hours, in just minutes. This new technology makes VBASoftware arguably the fastest claims processing solution on the market today.

Through its longstanding partnership with Amazon Web Services, VBA leveraged AWS Lambda and other technology infrastructure to eliminate the need for dedicated servers, allowing for on-demand parallel processing. Since the scalability involved is not linear, VBAdjudicate can handle virtually unlimited claims volume at top speeds making VBASoftware an ideal choice for healthcare payers of any size.

“The response we have received from our clients is overwhelmingly positive,” said Rich Pierce, Chief Technology Officer for VBA. “It is a prime example of how upgrading to next-gen technology can truly change the way you do business.”

It is common for many payers to run their large claim files overnight to avoid slowing down response times for employees who are using the claims processing system during business hours. With VBAdjudicate, clients can run all of their claims-related processes simultaneously during business hours, with no degradation in performance. Their employees are experiencing on-demand processing speeds that are six times faster than before.

“We have clients who used to spend hours in the evenings monitoring their claims files,” explained Pierce. “Now their files are completed before the workday ends.”

The new VBAdjudicate solution was announced earlier this year and has now been rolled out to 50% of VBA’s clients, which include third party administrators, health plans, dental, vision, life insurance and voluntary benefits administrators. The remainder of VBA’s clients will be transitioned to VBAdjudicate by mid-November.

To learn more about VBA’s cloud-based technology solutions for healthcare payers, contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at vbasoftware.com.

You can also read the Amazon Web Services case study that discusses VBA’s adjudication capabilities and how VBA is disrupting the healthcare space.


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