Managing and maintaining provider information is a key component to any administrative application. With VBASoftware Provider Services you can manage all provider data including demographic information, provider types, specialties and languages. Manage provider pricing as well with fee schedules, contracted rates, DRG, Per-Diems, etc.

Provider management made easy.


Powerful provider services

Capitation Services

Using our Capitation Module, you can allow a physician, hospital, or other healthcare provider to be paid a contracted rate based on a defined assignment. This assignment is fully-configurable on a PEPM or PMPM basis adjusted for age, gender, illness, and/or regional differences.

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Credentialing Services

When it comes to licensing and credentialing, being able to receive the latest data feeds and uploading it in a simple way is of the utmost importance. Through VBASoftware, you can track all credentialing information including quality, attestation, licensing, and documentation and feel confident knowing that all historical information is stored for audit.

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Provider Services

With VBASoftware Provider Services you can manage your provider data including payment informaiton. Keep a complete history of pay to information and provider accounts for electronic payment.

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