Innovative Real-Time Claims Payment

Reducing the cost of health care is one of the most important domestic objectives in the U.S. The right technology can transform the health care payer industry, which is largely operating on antiquated equipment. In 2012, VBA developed the first claims processing software with the ability to achieve patent pending Real-Time Claims Payment (RTCP) functionality, which will revolutionize the way medical claims are paid. Our software can adjudicate claims on the spot and pay doctors before the patient’s taillights are out of the doctor’s sight. Here is how we go about it:

RTCP Process

Streamline the healthcare experience with RTCP

Real-Time Claims Payment has been an elusive goal for healthcare payers for many years. Outdated legacy systems have been unable to achieve this goal. VBASoftware’s architecture provides the Flexibility that empowers developers and users alike to quickly change and adapt to an ever-changing health care environment, not only today but for the uncertain future. This tandem can be a disruptive technology that benefits members, payers and providers.

Key Benefits:
  • Significantly reduce billing costs for providers
  • Improved, responsive member experience
  • Limit risk to health plans and payers
  • Shared data creates comprehensive insights
Custom Enhancements

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VBA provides you with the unique opportunity to dramatically increase the profitability and success of your business while actively participating in the improvement of the massive healthcare industry.