The Analytics Tool You Need to Move the Needle on Costs for Your Groups

More than ever, brokers are feeling the pressure to reduce healthcare spending and demonstrate real value for their clients. You need more than just a standard suite of reports. You need a dynamic analytics tool that can not only show you what happened in the past, but also predict what might happen in the future. That’s where VBAnalytics comes into play.

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Purpose Built for Healthcare Analytics

Work smarter, not harder with a dynamic reporting tool that allows you to manage population health and costs for your groups.

  • Predictive analytics to help forecast future medical costs

  • Member risk scores to target your interventions

  • Cost savings opportunity reports delivered to your desktop

  • Ability to slice and dice the data in real time

  • No more PDFs or paper reports

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Dive Deeper into Population Health Data

Go beyond claims data by including provider quality scores, health risk assessments and social determinants of health for a more complete picture of your population.

  • Steer patients toward high-value providers and facilities

  • Target gaps in care with laser focus using the most up-to-date data

  • Recommend health and wellness programs that will have the biggest impact

  • Measure the effectiveness of programs and provide a true ROI for your clients

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Easy Data Integration with Virtually No Lag

Stop struggling with data integration issues and let VBA do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Streamlined process to load data from multiple TPAs and PBMs

  • Data refreshes on any schedule you choose

  • No limit on the number of years of data available for reporting

Real-Time Interactive Dashboards Point Towards Savings

VBAnalytics can show you where to look for cost savings and member outreach opportunities. Use our pre-built reports or dive deeper with ad-hoc reporting.

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Create a Total Cost Breakdown for Your Groups in Minutes

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Identify Gaps in Care for Your Population with Just a Few Clicks

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Easily Compare Quality and Value for Providers and Facilities

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Dive Deeper into Emergency Room Utilization for Your Groups


One VBA Client’s Story

Learn how one of our TPA clients is using VBAnalytics to solve their data challenges and become a trusted advisor to their self-funded groups.

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