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A self-serve enterprise web application at its best, VBAGateway brings user-engagement to new levels with VBA's frequent updates and real-time administrative communication. VBAGateway is broken into four distinct portals enabling each audience to access the functions they need from any device.

Modern web portals for your Members, Employers, Providers, and Agents/Brokers.


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Member Portal

The VBAGateway Member experience is the premier solution for employee self-service. Our realtime administrative processing and an intuitive, user-friendly design assure that your members will stay engaged. The Member Portal provides a number of core functions including Announcements, Requests, Accumulators and Claims. The combination of features available on VBAGateway allows a member to satisfy almost any administrative need without contacting the administrator directly. The result is a more engaged and informed member.

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Employer Portal

The VBAGateway Employer experience gives employers a single comprehensive location for information about their plan population. VBAGateway exposes detailed census and claims statistics that can be spliced and analyzed as the employer deems necessary. Representatives using VBAGateway are given a unique user experience allowing for rapid consumption of relevant data. Representatives can evaluate member engagement with the site as well review member participation within the plan. Member information is desensitized allowing the representative to review claims information in aggregate without the exposure of PHI. The complete experience makes for a truly powerful tool in plan management.

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Provider Portal

The VBAGateway Provider experience grants unparalleled access to claims and eligibility data through a rich and evolving user-experience that aims to engage providers. Providers utilizing VBAGateway translates directly to administrative savings through reduced written and verbal correspondence. The Provider Portal gives a registered user the ability self-serve, including tasks such as relevant eligibility information and claim status, as well as the ability to submit real-time requests like preauthorizations and claims.

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Agent/Broker Portal

The VBAGateway Agent/Broker experience provides extensive self-service capabilities specifically designed to cater to the needs of this unique role. Brokers gain in-depth insights and analytics across multiple books of business, along with commission payment information, resources, and more in a single, convenient platform. Brokers are able to easily satisfy almost any client request, minimizing the need to contact the administrator directly.

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Member Self-Service App

With VBAMobile, your members are plugged in to an industry leading Member Self-Service Mobile App. Through VBAMobile your members can perform numerous self-service functions, in real-time, that would normally require management or administrative oversite. Member self-service through the VBAMobile App eliminates cumbersome manual processes, phone calls and paperwork resulting in real, tangible savings by the administrator.

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VBAGateway seamlessly connects your employees, H.R. reps, providers, and administrators with easy to use and modern web portals.

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