VBA Releases a Library of Thousands of APIs for its Claims Adjudication Platform VBASoftware

VBA customers can use APIs to enable interoperability between systems and design their own user experience.

GERMANTOWN, WI – Sept. 22, 2022 VBA, a leading-edge healthcare technology company, has just released a library of over 4,200 application programming interfaces (APIs) for VBASoftware, its flagship claims administration system.

The new VBAPI solution gives VBA clients more flexibility to access and make changes to their databases, build connections to other systems, and create their own user experience.

“Everyone in the healthcare industry is talking about APIs right now, and there’s a good reason for that,” explains Rich Pierce, Chief Technology Officer for VBA. “Healthcare payers and consumers are reliant on an increasing number of software applications and devices that need to communicate with each other, and APIs are an effective and secure way to facilitate that exchange of information.”

An API is essentially a call and response process. VBASoftware customers can use VBAPI to send a query to their database and bring back a piece of information. This is especially useful if they are trying to share data from VBASoftware with another application. Some of the most popular APIs include authorizations, claims adjudication and member enrollment.

Having access to a library of APIs allows VBA clients more freedom to manage their data and share information with other internal and external systems, such as an after-hours call center, care management or accounting system. APIs support quicker development and deployment, while maintaining the highest level of security for each transaction.

“VBA is constantly evolving our technology platform to respond to market trends and meet the demands of our customers,” explains Pierce. “Our clients can use VBAPI to leverage any of the functionality they have with VBASoftware. The sky is the limit.”

To learn more about VBASoftware and our new library of APIs, contact us today at [email protected].