VBA Featured in SPBA Webinar on the Value of Cloud Infrastructure

VBA is pleased to announce that two of our technical experts were invited to present a webinar to the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA) on July 20, 2023. The webinar was entitled “Understanding the Value of Cloud Infrastructure Versus On-Premises Solutions.”

Our expert presenters were Matt Salerno, Software Architect and Jack Kernan, Director of Compliance and Network Administration. Both Matt and Jack have gained a lot of expertise from working on VBA’s transition from an on-premises solution to the cloud.

They shared their insights on:

  • The value of cloud infrastructure versus on-premises solutions and the comparative total cost of ownership.
  • How a secure cloud setup can protect your business data and services.
  • The scalability benefits of cloud infrastructure and how it can handle high-demand situations.
  • The importance of reliability and high availability offered by cloud services.
  • How telemetry and logging can provide valuable insights for business and security improvements.

View the Webinar

If you have been wondering about converting your business to the cloud or if you are interested in the benefits of partnering with a technology vendor, such as VBA, that is already operating in the cloud, you are sure to gain valuable information from this webinar.

View Webinar.

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