Artificial intelligence for administration

As famed Chinese scientist Andrew Ng stated: "I think AI is akin to building a rocket ship. You need a huge engine and a lot of fuel. If you have a large engine and a tiny amount of fuel, you won’t make it to orbit. If you have a tiny engine and a ton of fuel, you can’t even lift off." At VBA we have the fuel (data) needed to advance our learning technologies and train our intelligences. VBAI will create a cognitive backbone that can be leveraged by VBASoftware and VBAGateway, improving the client experience and expanding our feature set.

Boost your administrative capabilities with AI

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI to achieve Hyper-Accurate Administration

At VBA we strive to improve all aspects of healthcare administration. With continuous improvement and stalwart innovation, we advance that cause through software focused on what we term "Hyper-Accurate Administration."

Utilizing the latest machine learning and deep learning technologies, VBAI aims to achieve automated configuration, unrivaled auto-adjudication, predictive industry maintenance and much more.

Key Benefits:
  • Cognitive software that improves user accuracy
  • Automated compliance and integrated user training that learns
  • Advanced robotic administration without macros
  • Manage costs and lower admin fees through interrogation of historical data and user activity
  • Innovative configuration analysis and intelligent framework for best practice predictions

Improving Healthcare Administration Through Predictive Technologies

Machine Learning

VBAI models (Claims, Eligibility, Billing, Commissions, etc.) against supervised training data across defined algorithms allowing for robust machine learning. Utilizing Amazon Sagemaker we can quickly build, train, and deploy these models for consumption by VBASoftware, VBAGateway or any external service. Ultimately, our goal is to improve auto-adjudication, establish predictive best practices, create dynamic training programs, and perform cognitive analysis.

Deep Learning

At VBA we have the desensitized and normative data we need, accumulated over 9+ years, to establish deep learning models. Knowing what is needed to make neurons fire creates an unpredictability native to Deep Learning. With VBAI we are actively modeling administrative activity against industry rules and regulations that move our core products forward while improving the client experience.