How One TPA Leveraged VBAPI’s Advanced Search Feature to Enhance Customer Service

By Matt Salerno, Senior Software Engineer


At VBA, we’re always excited to hear about how our clients are using our API service, VBAPI, to create unique and valuable solutions for their business needs. One particular client caught our attention with their creative use of VBAPI’s Advanced Search feature to deliver white-glove service to their VIP members.

Setting a Goal to Improve Service

This healthcare payer had an idea to provide their VIP members with exceptional service by contacting them as soon as a claim was received for a specific procedure, such as an MRI. However, manually searching for new claims every day was time-consuming and inefficient. That’s when they turned to VBAPI’s Advanced Search feature.

Building the API Connections with VBAPI

With VBAPI, our client was able to write a script that automated a recurring search request focused on new claims in VBASoftware that contained the specific procedure codes for members flagged as VIP.  If results were returned, they were sent to a team member for follow-up. This allowed the customer support team to reach out to their VIP members as soon as possible to make sure they had a positive experience.

Providing a Better Member Experience

This simple solution created a unique offering that showcased their company’s commitment to exceptional service and proactive care management. By using VBAPI’s Advanced Search feature, this healthcare payer was able to save time and streamline the search process, allowing them to provide better service to their VIP members.

This is just one example of how APIs can create value for healthcare payers. By leveraging VBAPI’s powerful tools and features, businesses can create customized solutions that address their unique needs and improve their operations.

VBA Can Help

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